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We did develope a flexible way to design and produce log homes, log cabin, granny annexes,swimming pools,community building, places , shops, garage, factory, showroom , the list is endless. Wood is so beautiful if can be used many way to make your own choice. We have a skilled team which provides you customized wooden house. The raw matterialis used for best quality. Interior space can also be varied indefinatelly customized to suit every taste . we work closely with owners and developers to help create special spaces .A prefabricated house is one of the most common type of residential building/houses and has proven itself over the year with its durablety and sustainability . Prefabricated house are a modern building solutions .Timber delivers high quality reduces overall buildcost and shorten the build programme. Wood and steel is excellent material for living environment it works a good insulator in cold as well as in summer seasons n work as a barrier for heat/cold weave to maintain room tempreture .Prefab wooden home are low cost material as no need frequently maintaince .The best advantage to install prefab wooden house can easily shift from one site to another.

We are passionate about beautiful construction A premium wooden house construction is an art and one of our greatest passions. Alpine india are specialist when it come to design and manufacturing various wooden structures. As the company that pioneered the design and construction of wooden in our country. Alpine india is firmly established as the leading player . we can provide a wide range of services with our products ranging from full wooden houses to fence and decks , all of which are an extremely high quality .

Get in touch with our consultant to discuss your beautiful new home. Service excellence workmanship and product quality are the almost importance at Alpine india. As a modern building material, wood offers exceptional possibilities . Its potential for engineering and infinite shapes is timeless. The wooden structure are also treated against rot insects and fine ensuring that your home is able to last a life time