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wooden house (6)

Wooden House

Bring your dream home to life with ALPINE INDIA ,By using wood as the material for your new home , You will bring a touch of luxury and a unique atmosphere to your everyday life ,We build wooden home quickly and easily installed at your site with your specific requirement Our solid wooden houses are healthy and durable enough to last for generation,Get to know the advantages you gain by using natural wood as the building material for your home or holiday home

Prefab Wood House

We can build any design of house you require, large and small. Preserve your connection to the nature , a log house breathe with you. In addition to architecture also the building of your house affected comfort of living ,Wooden house developed by us are luxury, durable and economical and best quality based Our motto for a customer giving them best quality product and a good service ,These are the main reason to choose wood as a work material ,The first one is that a wooden home maintain the optimal micro climate for human life, Prefab wooden home material for hill station or mountain homes shell be earthquakes resistant, Which supports the chocks and vibrations,


Pergola is a garden feature to form a shaded walkway, passage way, or sitting area. Pergolas do not enhance the aesthetical look of your home, but also form a very practical part of quality of life, or life style by creating shade. It consists of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross- beams, upon which vine can spread.


A gazebo is the perfect way to enhance the look of your garden. It can make a lovely focal point or can be used as a sheltered for seating or dinning. Using an wood oak frame ensures that a gazebo will blend beautiful with its surrounding and prvide a life time service.

Garden House

Roof top(terrace) house

Garden room is free standing in the garden typically built with large windows so that you can be out side of the house and also enjoy the comfort of being indoor.

Leisure home

Our houses are extremely solid and well insulated. We use proven and traditional techniques, because we want to build for the next generations as well. quality.

Guest house

Preserve your connection to nature — a log house breathes with you In addition to architecture, also the building material of your house affects your comfort of living.